Easyglide keder

Easyglide keder made of 2200 dtex material is used in products where large load and abrasion resistance is required. Heavier threads lead to our stronger easyglide keder that last longer and slides better. The fine weave structure distributes the force over more threads so the load is evenly dispersed. At Van der Werff B.V., we specialise in the production of custom keder solutions.

Discover our easyglide keder for heavy-duty use

In products and industries where heavy-duty products are needed to handle the intense usage, our easyglide keder feels right at home. Due to its design, it distributes stress put upon it evenly over the entire material. This way, less chance of tearing is guaranteed when using our easyglide keder. At Van der Werff B.V., we can make any type of keder to your specifications, simply fill in our inquiry form. Some examples of keder that we produce are:

–  Awnings

–  Profile tents

–  Gutters

–   Pagoda tents

–  Big tents

–  Storage tents

–  Air treatment

–  Scaffolding

–  Temporary roofing

–  Fall safety net

This easyglide keder is typically made in diameters from 5mm up to 13mm in the following colours and cloth types:

–  White

–  White opaque

–  Grey opaque

–  Black opaque

Contact us today and order your size keder

If you would like to order heavy-duty easyglide keder, please get in touch with us. There are two ways to reach us, which is calling us at +31(0)402554242 or fill in our inquiry form.


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