Keder would, under the name köder, already have been used in tents of early European
Nomads. The word köder in that context meant to string/pull something .
Keder is designed to act as a technical reinforcement product for the sides of tents, tarpaulins, lorry curtains, awnings, and other canvas items. It offers a smooth running connection between fabric and metal/plastic extrusion.
Keder has great tensile strength and is resistant to weather conditions.
Our keder is made from a polyester cloth designed for this purpose with a PVC coating.
It is easy to stitch, weld or glue to all kinds of textile and cloth types.

We produce a wide variety of keder sizes in diameters from 3 till 16 mm with small, large, single and
double flap. We use both high frequency as well as hot air welding methods.

Keder is being used for:
The professional tent and event industry
Recreation tents and awnings
Frame tents
Roofs and sunroofs
boat covers water sports
pool covers
transport (tarps)
agriculture section (separation and side curtains, silos)
banner and sign industry
awnings and blinds

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