Double keder

Double keder known as a Gusset refers to a type of this versatile material where both sides can be used. This special variety of keder is often used as a link between a motorhome, camper or caravan and the tent under which campers sit and relax. Every owner of an awning or tent wants to set up his temporary home in a correct way. If the tent is not set up correctly, leaks may occur. The double keder offers a watertight and strong connection that allows you to offer your customers a tent that stretches without problems. At Van der Werff B.V., we are experts in producing double keder in many shapes and sizes.

Discover double keder and its usage

Double keder is used in many industries, including the camping industry where it forms a connection or coupling piece between a caravan and a tent or awning. The double keder can be made for any screwless sheet locking system which means that we are flexible in making this type of keder. We tailor make all our products to your needs. For example, you can choose the width of the flag, the space between the two cores, the material and the variation in diameter of the two cores. Double keder makes the life of campers a lot easier.

A double keder is often found in:

Tents used by holiday makers

Big tents used at events

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