How Van der Werff B.V. started out

The craft of keder has been around for many centuries. The fabric was supposedly already used by the early European nomads to reinforce their tents for the conditions they lived in. The history of Van der Werff B.V. as a keder producer goes back a long way. The fundamentals of Van der Werff B.V. were laid by Jetse Feddes van der Werff in 1721. He was a craftsman who repaired and replaced sails. Then, centuries later, one of his descendants began as a sailmaker in Waalre (the Netherlands) in 1934. Eventually, his company generated the current Van der Werff B.V. Today, Van der Werff is mainly active as a producer of keder and keder related products, for instance draught skirts and PVC gutters.

What we offer clients as a keder producer

As keder makers we strive to be as versatile as possible. The fabric is widely used in many industries and has uses. This means that we, as keder makers, must be flexible, experienced and thorough. Due to our long company history, we have built good relations with many different customers all over the world. We always go the extra mile in making sure that we as a keder producer supply our clients with the right products. As mentioned before we are makers of a variety of keder products being used in:

  • Tent sides
  • Shade constructions
  • Awnings
  • Pool covers
    Marine products
    Sides of banners

Do you need a special keder to be sure that your structure is able to withstand the forces and performs as intended?

If you realise that your cover material or canvas tent(s) needs strengthening to perform as intended, you need Van der Werff B.V. keder makers. If you require more information about our business and services, please contact us via +31(0)402554242.